Welcome to my Moments for Equality. This website has grown from my desire to have a personal location to share my passion for equality for all. It’s also a great forum for my thoughts and the freedom to post them for people to read. The blog page is an aggregation of news articles and my own thoughts. The tags at the bottom of the posts show where the articles come from if they are not my own. They may come from reliable news sources, or even everyday people sharing their own stories of equality.

If you want to check out my other social media sources, I’ve linked them in the sidebar. I am all over the internet. You can find me on Facebook, Twitter, and several other locations. Just look a little and I’m sure you’ll find me everywhere, talking about everything. I have several interests, not just revolving around equality, but this site is focusing on my fight for equality for all. As time goes on, I’ll be posting ways that you too can get involved in the cause. Be on the lookout for how you too can become active in your hometown and let your voice be heard.

Living my Moment of Equality,
Jason Geldmacher

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