NFL Attendance Rises Slightly Despite Boycott

NFL Attendance Rises Slightly Despite Boycott

Yahoo Sports reports:

Fans angry with the NFL and its protesting players called for a boycott on Veterans Day weekend. But other fans showed up to Sunday’s games, and in greater numbers than they had averaged all season.

Many fans have said they would boycott the NFL, and loosely organized movements on Twitter and Facebook sought to flex patriotic muscle by boycotting the entire slate of games this holiday weekend.

However, the numbers don’t indicate that any boycotts, if indeed they happened, had a meaningful numerical effect. In fact, total attendance at the eight early games on Sunday, as reported by the NFL, was up about 1 percent over season averages.

Breitbart, predictably, is claiming that the boycott was a huge success, posting numerous shots of empty seats. But even some commenters there are pointing that some of photos were taken near the ends of the games, when many fans had already given up.

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