Rising star Lil Peep has died, aged 21

Rising star Lil Peep has died, aged 21

The rapper passed away hours before one of his shows.

Rising star Lil Peep – real name Gustav Åhr – has died aged 21. It is believed he overdosed before one of his shows in Tuscon.

The rapper – who was lauded as “the future of emo” by Pitchfork earlier this year – posted a picture on Instagram hours before his death, which appears to show him with pills or tabs on his tongue.

Following the news, Lil Peep’s manager, Chase Ortega, tweeted: “I’ve been expecting this call for a year. Mother fuck.”

Many big names from the music industry posted their respects on social media.

Beats 1 host Zane Lowe stated “So young. So sad,” while Diplo added: “Peep had so much more to do man he was constantly inspiring me. I don’t feel good man.”

Lil Peep came out as bisexual earlier this year in a series of tweets.

After confirming the fact, he later added: “Bi sexual smoothies with lil peep oh my god I’m gay as fuck but I still love girls wats going on who has cocaine I wana make music.”

The young star has also been very open about battling with depression, speaking frankly about his inner battles in previous interviews.

“There was a point of time where I didn’t step out my house for two months,” he told XXL.

“I was very reclusive and depressed. I was in the house and just listening to Future and music and it took me out of my bedroom, metaphorically. It inspired me to try it myself. I can kind of write songs for people so I thought why don’t I write my own songs.”

Lil Peep was touring his debut album Come Over When You’re Sober, which was released back in August.

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