Top Evangelical To Roy Moore: Take A Polygraph Test

Top Evangelical To Roy Moore: Take A Polygraph Test

Southern Evangelical Seminary president Richard Land has posted an open letter to Roy Moore in the Christian Post, where he is executive editor. An excerpt:

I hope and pray that these allegations against you are false and I know in the American justice system you are “innocent until proven guilty.” However, this is not the legal system, but the court of public opinion.

Judge Moore, as a brother in Christ, I implore you, for the sake of your family and your supporters, but even more importantly, for the sake of our Savior and His reputation, to arrange as quickly as possible to take a polygraph test concerning these accusations. I know the results of such a test are not admissible in court, but this is the court of public judgment. I can only tell you if I were in your position and I were innocent of these allegations, I would insist on having a polygraph test administered as soon as possible.

Passing such a test would cause this metastasizing cancer on your candidacy and the damage it is doing to the Christian witness to evaporate instantaneously. There is no defense quite as effective as the truth, especially when it is accompanied by the demonstrable proof of the type a successful polygraph test would irrefutably provide.

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