Drag Race All Stars 5 crowns its winner in sickening finale

Drag Race All Stars 5 crowns its winner in sickening finale

And we finally get to the bottom of what happened with VoteGate.

RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 5 has come to its end, after snatching many wigs and leaving many LGBTQ+ journalists slayed, and it has crowned its worthy winner. Obviously, this article contains spoilers throughout, so if by some twist of events you haven’t yet caught the episode, DO NOT read on further.

This week, the top three All Stars had to write their own solo verse, as well as perform in a dance routine, for RuPaul’s latest hit, Clap Back, which is about hitting out at the haters. And given the vitriol aimed at the queens, especially queens of colour, over the past few years, it’s a welcome message.

But before we got to all of that, we were treated to a mini-reunion with the queens, and with any season of Drag Race, there was a lot of drama, so we were all popcorn machine ready. Mayhem Miller started by asking about India Ferrah and Derrick Barry’s feud, and while India said she was “comfortable” with where their relationship was, Derrick wanted an apology before she could move forward, which India gave her.

Derrick then asked Ongina about her self-elimination, to which Ongina said she came into the competition “confident and fucking ready” but ended up so defeated after her failure in the reading mini-challenge. She also said that she felt guilty about eliminating either India or Mariah due to how well they had performed in the challenge before. However, Ongina wasn’t the only self-elimination, as Mayhem eliminated herself over India, something that “irritated” Mariah, given that she’d been eliminated the week before. Mayhem defended herself though, saying she was proud of what she and India had done, and didn’t want to campaign against her sister.

But then we got to the T that we all wanted, what happened in VoteGate? Did Alexis really conspire to send Shea home? Well, the answer is no, and Mayhem looked perplexed when the issue was raised, and was “confused” over why she was drawn into the drama and seemingly “thrown under the bus”. Mayhem confirmed there had been “no campaigning” and that she’d voted for Shea on her own, as Mariah was her sister, and she had the deal with India not to eliminate her. The discussion culminated with Shea apologising to Alexis for suspecting her.

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