Map of The Universe, COVID Vaccine Tests, Harriet Tubman, Allen West, Mickey Rourke, Ketchikan, Harry Styles: HOT LINKS

Map of The Universe, COVID Vaccine Tests, Harriet Tubman, Allen West, Mickey Rourke, Ketchikan, Harry Styles: HOT LINKS

THE UNIVERSE. Astrophysicists release largest 3D map ever created. “Over the last 20 years, the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS) has created a series of surveys that now span a period of 11 billion years of cosmic history. We have worked to fill in that gap, and we are now using that information to gain a better understanding of this period in our universe.”

Astrophysicists release largest 3D map of the universe ever created – @UWaterlooAstro Prof. Will Percival is a lead researcher on the work!

— UWaterlooAstro (@UWaterlooAstro) July 20, 2020

VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE. More than 107,000 people have signed up to test COVID-19 vaccines: “The milestone was reached just a week after the National Institutes of Health launched a clinical trial network for vaccines and other prevention tools to fight the pandemic. More are still needed but the initial surge will go a long way toward filling the requirement for at least 30,000 volunteers each for the four companies that plan to launch Phase 3 clinical trials of their potential vaccines by early fall.”

BREAKTHROUGH? UK-based biotech firm Synairgen says drug treatment shows promising results: “The protein is inhaled directly into the lungs of patients with coronavirus, using a nebuliser, in the hope that it will stimulate an immune response. The initial findings suggest the treatment cut the odds of a Covid-19 patient in hospital developing severe disease – such as requiring ventilation – by 79%.”

RUSSIA. Wealthy businessmen and government officials given early access to experimental coronavirus vaccine. “Top executives at companies including aluminum giant United Co. Rusal, as well as billionaire tycoons and government officials began getting shots developed by the state-run Gamaleya Institute in Moscow as early as April, the people said. They declined to be identified as the information isn’t public.”

KANYE WEST. MAGA rapper and presidential hopeful holds first campaign events, cries over abortion, and attacks Harriet Tubman.

Kanye said this and I left immediately. I went for a laugh and I got one. But when it got disrespectful for me it was over.

— Toe Knee (@toekneerlynos) July 19, 2020

SHE’S ON BOARD? Caitlyn Jenner wants to be Kanye West’s VP.

NEW JERSEY. Son of federal judge killed, husband shot and critically wounded at front door of home, assailant dead of self-inflicted gunshot wound. “Initial reports from law enforcement said Daniel Anderl opened the door with his father right behind him. The door opened to a hail of gunfire and the gunman fled, a law enforcement source told CNN.”

NANCY PELOSI. On Trump suggesting he might not leave office quietly: “The fact is: Whether he knows it yet or not, he will be leaving.”

TEXAS. Anti-gay nutjob Allen West elected Texas GOP Chairman. “West moved to Texas several years ago and became politically active here. His victory means an abrupt change in party leadership with less than four months until one of the most challenging elections that Texas Republicans are facing in a long time.”

I’M TALKING TO YOU. Mickey Rourke reignites decades-old feud with Robert De Niro.

ALASKA. Tourist town of Ketchikan bans LGBTQ discrimination: “An ordinance that prohibits discrimination against LGTBQ individuals in Ketchikan city limits was passed Thursday. The local law was approved by the Ketchikan City Council over the objections of religious advocates.”

MALE MODEL MONDAY. Jake Hobbs, Lucas Loyola, Nathan Maillard, Isha Blaaker, William Goodge, and MORE.


MUSIC VIDEO OF THE DAY. Meghan Trainor “Make You Dance”.

MONDAY MAN Eduardo Mattos.

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