The sexy trailer for the final season of ‘Élite’ is here and you may need a moment

The sexy trailer for the final season of ‘Élite’ is here and you may need a moment

The trailer for the final season of Elite

As all fans of Spanish high school drama Élite know, the upcoming eighth season — due to hit Netflix on July 26 — is set to be the last. Yesterday, the streamer dropped the full trailer for what to expect, and it offers some dramatic insights into the action… along with plenty of hot guys in homoerotic encounters. 

Longtime fans will also spot some returning faces… and what looks like a potential murder mystery. 

Élite first aired in 2018. It revolved around three working class students who won scholarships to a prestigious, private school. 

Your dose of fabulosi-TEA

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Season 8 will feature fan-favorite Omar Ayuso, alongside Mina el Hammani, André Lamoglia, Valentina Zenere, Mirela Balić, Gleb Abrosimov, Fernando Líndez, and others. 

“Omar (Omar Ayuso) and Nadia (Mina el Hammani) reunite just as graduation nears for students at Las Encinas and one last mystery pushes friendships — and enemies — to the brink,” says a press statement for the new episodes. 

The series will feature newcomers Emilia (portrayed by Ane Rot) and Hector Krawietz (Nuno Gallego) described as siblings who “scatter chaos wherever they go and will destroy the lives of those who fall prey to them.”

The synopsis adds: “Only Omar will be able to face them and will be willing to do anything to see them fall, because in the end, they represent everything that has always been wrong in Las Encinas.”

Ending on a high

The show was created by Created by Carlos Montero and Jaime Vaca.

Last October, Montero confirmed this upcoming season would be the last.

“We ended on a high note,” said Montero. “Jaime [Vaca], Netflix and I thought it was time to end it. I say this with great regret because it’s been several incredible years in which I’ve met wonderful actors, we’ve worked with all the directors we wanted to work with and we’ve had the luxury of having Maribel these last two seasons. 

Élite changed everyone’s life, there are actors who started with us and it has been their springboard to be now world stars, it is happening to this cast and it is a pride to have contributed to that and to know that they have seen us all over the world and liked it.”


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