David, Georgia

Growing up a “queer kid” in the former Republic of Georgia, David’s childhood was shaped by the collapse of Soviet Union and years of civil war. In 1998-99 he lived in the United States and completed his high school education in Oklahoma. “That’s where I learned what the United States is really about. And that was the place where I fell in love with the country that became my second and now my first and only home.” After returning to Georgia, he obtained degrees in computer science and law, and hosted a TV show on a national cable network, but had to remain extremely secretive about his sexuality. In 2008, David was blackmailed and began to fear for his life. He fled Georgia and came to the U.S., where he applied for asylum. He then moved to New York City and began a new career as a contemporary artist and muralist.

Photo credit: Steven Laxton, stevenlaxton.com

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