Nicola Coughlan’s gay bop, shirtless John Summit & popsicle floats: 10 things we’re obsessed with this summer holiday

Nicola Coughlan’s gay bop, shirtless John Summit & popsicle floats: 10 things we’re obsessed with this summer holiday

Three panel image. On the left, Boy Smell's Citrush popper-themed candle sitting on a yellow bed. In the middle, DJ John Summit stands shirtless on stage smiling. On the right, a bomb-pop shaped popsicle inflatable pictured against a pool.

Finally, a holiday weekend is upon us!

Because it’s been sooo long since the LGBTQ+ community had a justifiable reason to party. (Kidding, of course.)

That being said, a few days off work doesn’t help the fact that Pride Month is over and that, in a year like 2024, the subtext around Fourth of July weekend is complex, to say the least.

How about we take this to the next level?

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Nevertheless, the past week of gay news has given us plenty to celebrate: Manu Ríos is enjoying his Hot Boy Summer, Jason Hackett marched in his first Pride parade as a newly out TV anchor, and the “Gay Mets” are trying to keep the good vibes going.

Most importantly, we got our first look at a bulked-up Paul Mescal and Pedro Pascal in Gladiator II.

Regardless of what you’re feeling, there’s no reason to let a summer holiday go by without some unabashed gayness, fresh bops, and maybe even some popper fumes?!

Treat yourself with a holiday weekend and the 10 things we’re obsessed with this week…

1. Boy Smells’ Citrush Candle

You might be wondering how trendy and tactful candle company Boy Smells was able to make a poppers-scented candle without, well, trying poppers. As it turns out, that’s exactly what they did. For research purposes only!

The Citrush Candle and its twin travel spray (available from $30-$70 online) may have arrived towards the end of Pride Month, but it’s the perfect way to keep the rush going. According to the site, it features a “citrus high of pomelo, black pepper and musks” to help you serve “big zaddy energy” without, you know, the toxic fumes. I’m going to need Troye Sivan’s review ASAP.

2. Flag Graphic T-Shirts

Two panel image of Old Navy's flag graphic tees. On the left, a gray tee and on the right, a white tee. Both feature the American flag and the words "Old Navy" in navy.
Image Credit: Old Navy

Alright, so we’ve got mixed feelings about celebrating the Fourth of July considering *gestures broadly*. For this reason, I’m pitching a new holiday: Old Navy Day, where we honor the low-cost retailer’s annual tradition of flag graphic tees by eating hot dogs, watching fireworks, and not talking about politics. OK, it’s a work in progress — and I might still be recovering from years spent in matching getups with the fam.

Nevertheless, these nostalgic tees (on sale for $4 from Old Navy) are perfect for backyard barbecues, crop-top-making on a yacht, or whatever your weekend plans entail.

3. The (metaphorical) end of Pride Month

@veryharryhill Wait I missed the bus!!! @Grindr #nyc #pride ♬ Leavin’ – Jesse McCartney

Gay influencer Harry Hill captured this hilarious clip of the Grindr bus leaving New York City after its Pride festivities wrapped. (“The gay bus taking all the gay people away until next June,” he captioned the video.)

Indeed, the breakneck speed at which some of these companies ditched their rainbow avatars on the first of July certainly makes it feel this way. Any chance the bus has got some tickets left?!

4. Igloo Tag Along Too Cooler

Three panel image of Igloo's Tag Alng Too cooler. From left to right, a light blue pack, a lilac purple cooler hanging from its strap, and then a peach colored cooler sitting closed next to a beverage.
Image Credit: Igloo Coolers

On a beach day, the only thing worse than sand in your drink is a warm beverage. Nevertheless, as a typically unprepared light packer (who hates to carry anything), I’ve always had to rely on the generosity of others for my ice-cold fix.

That was until I saw the Igloo Tag Along Too Cooler (available in a variety of colors for $39.99) in a shop window. After checking out its plethora of pastel color options, the adjustable strap for crossbody carrying, and space for 14 cans, I was finally ready to make the very-adult investment of buying my first cooler. Next step? Trying to find a good umbrella….

5. Popsicle Lounge Float

Two-panel image of a large bomb-pop popsicle inflatable pool float. On the left, it's laid against a pink and blue backdrop. On the right, it's pictured from an angle.
Image Credit: Target

As a city slicker myself, I don’t own a pool or even have a friend who’s got one. Nevertheless, this adorable glitter-filled Popsicle Lounge Float (on sale for $16 at Target) has me trying to make new pals — and Googling to see if the YMCA has a policy against cutesy inflatables.

Worst come to worst, I might just have to settle for a box of Bomb Pops (only $3.89 for a pack of 12). But if you see me floating on a stranger’s roof this weekend, mind your business!

6. Where the Heart Is

For me, no movie screams “America” quite like Where the Heart Is, the oft-forgotten, poorly-reviewed, and deliciously-camp 2000 romantic drama. Picture this: Natalie Portman is a 17-year-old named Novalee Nation who gives birth to her baby Americus in a Walmart. Thankfully, she’s got a friendly Oklahoman named Sister (Stockard Channing) and a local nurse (Ashley Judd) helping her find out where, erm, the heart is.

On paper, it doesn’t even sound like a real movie. But trust me, it is. And it just might have you giving “Independence Day” by Martina McBride a couple streams.

7. Elliott Norris’ Taylor Swift-approved Eras Tour drinking game

@callmebelly cant believe taylor swift knows who i am #taylorswift #swiftie ♬ original sound – elliott

As the millions of Swifties who attended concerts in the past year and a half have shown us, there’s no singular way to celebrate your love of Taylor Swift. That being said, gay influencer Elliott Norris had a slightly different approach when attending a recent Eras Tour show: a drinking game.

Eras Tour but I get tipsier every era,” he captioned the video, which showed off his increasing levels of inebriation as Swift dived deeper into her emotional and expansive discography. Listen, everyone copes with her raw and affecting lyricism in their own ways! As for the singer-songwriter herself, she was amused, commenting on the clip: “This was a whole entire journey.” LOL.

8. Cosplaying vacation by making Italian-inspired spritzes

Two panel image of Uncommon Goods' Summer in Italy Spritz Bundle. On the left, a glass wine glass surrounded by a handful of mixers. On the right, the blue box that the sets come from with its respective mixing tools displayed around it.
Image Credit: Uncommon Goods

You don’t have to actually visit Capri, Venice, or Positano to drink like you’re in Italy. Thanks to the Summer in Italy Spritz Bundle ($36 at Uncommon Goods), you can make your own spritzes including a lemongrass-rimmed Full Bloom or the dried peach-adorned Just Peachy.

While the bundle doesn’t include the bubbly, no passport is required. All that’s left to do is locate a willing participant to reenact the rest of your Call Me By Your Name fantasies.

9. “Shoes… More Shoes” by Nicola Coughlan & Ellis Miah

Back in May, Bridgerton star Nicola Coughlan shared her affinity for Real Housewives-released pop songs, telling Hits Radio UK: “That’s like my dream job, ’cause they don’t even really sing, they just list things … like ‘Shoes, private yachts, caviar, more shoes.’”

Thankfully, producer Ellis Miah was listening and ready to answer the call. On “Shoes… More Shoes,” the duo gives the gays everything they want. And they’re even donating proceeds to LGBTQ+ charities Not a Phase and The Trevor Project.

So, what does it say about gay music tastes that this tongue-in-cheek bop goes so hard? Whatever, I’m too busy singing the chorus to care.

10. John Summit’s devotion to the gays

@johnsummit gays how tf we feelin baby!! #ontour ♬ original sound – john summit

“Gave my last bit of energy to Pride, now it’s time I hibernate,” producer and DJ John Summit wrote on social media after a particularly triumphant (and shirtless) performance at New York City’s Dreamland Pride festival.

All I can say is thank you for your service — and we’ll be looking out for you next year!


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This week is dedicated to the exceptionally gay.

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